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[RP]Last Day on EF 10 March 2010

Posted by adhitya nagara in old friendster blogpost.

Yup, seperti yang saya janjikan beberapa hari yang lalu, saya akan merepost blogpost dari blog friendster saya. Dan postingan ini mengenai hari-hari saya mulai dari masuk EF sampai tamat. Enjoy~

WARNING: You’ll find major grammatical errors on this post. But I couldn’t care less.


This blog post is a tribute of English First, who had been teaching me real English for more than 4 years :]

I first joined EF on 2004, when I was an eighth year student. I was afraid at first, because the teachers are foreigners, not local teachers. Questions popped out in my mind; how would it feel being taught by foreigners? My questions were answered, it was in April if I recall correctly – my first lesson at EF. I’m gonna summarise all my experience I had in EF from each teacher.

My first teacher was Jen. An understanding teacher. She only taught me for like 3 months and all my anxiety disappeared through the months. She was a great teacher after all, never really got angry to anybody in the class. One funny experience was one day when my classmate wanted to go home earlier by turning the class’s clock some minutes faster. Jen didn’t realise this, as a result, we went home faster, haha. I heard that Jen got angry to the office boy, poor him, it was not his fault.

Jen left. Sonya replaced her position as our teacher. A fun american woman, she. I loved her sense of music, she introduced us cool songs, especially Dido’s White Flag and Black Eyed Peas’s Where is the love?, they were fantastic! I liked the sweets she brought from america to us, can’t forget those as well. And her signature-teaching-style was a dictation at every start of the lesson, haha.

There was a long gap when Sonya left – about 3 months, maybe they can’t find new teacher or what … whatever.

But we came back after the blank Tuesday and Thursday evenings and met Kirsty. I thought she was arrogant at first, but I was dead wrong. I can say that she was one of the best teachers in EF. We almost always play games when we were bored. We usually played pictionary, a very fun game while it lasted. So it was like a student went in front of the class and drew something. The other students had to guess it rightly, haha, great moment. I was saddened when she had to leave. The last hangman words were “As I’m leaving on a jet plane”, a lyric from a sad song … and she had to leave on a jet plane as well.

But we did have a great replacement of Kirsty. The new teacher was Lee. As known as Angeboba Fufu, it was the name he used to introduce himself to us, the name was kind of funny, haha. He said it was his teacher’s name, and he was like “WTF!?!!?” when he heard the name – so was I, haha. Oh, when I said great, I really meant it. He was a great teacher – in two ways. He’s a great (big) man literally, and a great teacher as well. He made his first appearance in Kirsty’s days. He all out of a sudden went into our class and talked some shit (:P) about chat up lines, can’t remember what was it, but I was really like “wtf!?!?” … hahaha. His favorite food was mie celor and keebab. Lee also loved music, the best was Sitting, Waiting, Wishing – class’s favorite. I personally like the song, two thumbs up! Oh yeah, if you want to know the lyric, it’s here. Oh, and we treated him pizza on our last day with him … he was a funny guy and a great teacher after all. From what I heard, he planned to get some money in Spain.

It was Abdul who replaced Lee. Well, not to be rude but I don’t think he’s a great teacher. Well, yeah, we play games every lesson, which was fun at first, but quickly getting repetitive and boring. Maybe he was bored of us (which can be in another way around) he only taught us for like one month. The last lesson wasn’t great. He only introduced us to our new teacher. No real impressions, boring lessons, meh.

Our last teacher, Ivan was also one of the best teachers I had (the other two was Kirsty and Lee). He had a nice sense of humour. He made us laugh every single lesson. It’s like his first priority to teach us, he gave us advices and words of wisdom (haha) which I found really inspiring. He kept telling us not to give up our chances, saying we all had great potentials. He’s a real teacher to me compared to others. It’s just his games were not very fun (because he said he liked educational games better than other games). I got the title “Alien” because I always come late, maybe I was better known as Alien better than Adit to my EF classmates, tee-hee. The games we usually had was stop the bus … don’t want to explain it detailedly, go google it! (:P) Oh yeah, and we also played Darts (too bad I was absent that day).

And it is today, September 2nd 2008, my long journey in EF ended. All those happy moments, great friends, cool teachers all came to and end. I was rather sad writing this blog. The bluish building of EF, the scent of it, the atmosphere I had to leave.

But everything will end, the wisemen said, and so will my journey in EF. Farewell friends, adios amigos!

Honourable Mentions:
To my teachers: Jen, Sonya, Kirsty, Lee, Abdul, and Ivan.
To other teachers who also taught me for some lessons: Joe and Steve.
To the administration staffs: Melly and Rudy (who always remind me to pay the tuition fee :P)
To my friends: Michael and Nixon (remember MAN? :P), Kerubin & Jojo (I only knew you too for a short time, but you were cool!), Mita, Selly, Sonia (well, girls were dominating, but in the end, only you three survived, HA!), Agustina, Jessica, Stephanie, Tommy.



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