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A mask that has no face 27 August 2014

Posted by adhitya nagara in sebuah postingan.

I have grown accustomed to pain and despair.

It was a drizzly day, the sound of droplets as they fell down the earth harmonize, creating a lazy, ambient background. It was nearly in the middle of the 24-hour circle, as the shorter hand pointed toward the lower right section of the clock—the black and white plates surround the two brothers in their journey around the clock. Tick tock, they said.

 I might not have seen it coming.

I winced as I touched the tip of my phone, the ringing on it just couldn’t get any less noisy. My fingers around it, the thumb slide in a linear fashion so quickly as if it had done it a thousand times. My eyes gazed the whole bright screen as the other fingers work toward a question… 

might not have seen it coming. I might have.

There was a theory about the massive meteorite that struck down the earth some billion years ago that effectively ended the Jurassic age, allowing the earth as we know it moved on into something new. And just like that, new life blossomed into existence, generating a new cycle. But that was a theory. 

have seen it coming. I was just a feeble soul who feeds on hope.

What I saw on the screen that day could just be the very death of what little hope I had in heart. A hope I’ve embraced since I was a bigger fool than I am right now. A hope I’ve kept alive, shielded it from any possible intruders. A wise man once said that it is a very dangerous thing to lose hope. And now I lost it. I lost it and have no way to recover it.

I am just an empty soul with a feeble body as its shell. A lion without its mane. A bird without wings. A mask that has no face.



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